United States

 Printed in two colours with double bars.

Size: 13mm x 50mm, rouletted, gummed
 Günter Mair catalogue: USA-A-1a 
(Further issue from 1928-1945)

Printed with reference:  FORM 2978 

Size: 22mm x 25mm (height varied), perforated, gummed.
 Günter Mair catalogue: USA-A-5 

Reference: FORM 2978

Size: 21mm x 25mm, rouletted, gummed.
 Günter Mair catalogue:  USA-A-11 

Size: 19mm x 32mm, perforated, gummed.
 Günter Mair catalogue:  USA-A-23a 

 Printed with tagline: FIRST, FAST AND RELIABLE.

Size: 20mm x 30mm, perforated, gummed.
 Günter Mair catalogue: USA-A-26k

Ref: LABEL 19-B JUNE 1990

Size: 30mm x 30mm, self-adhesive.
 Günter Mair catalogue: USA-A-28 

 Printed with US Mail's logo, intended for parcel used.

Size: 25mm x 70mm, rouletted, gummed.
 Günter Mair catalogue:  USA-A-?

Printed with light typeface and US Postal Service's logo.
Ref: Label-19B, March 1995

Size: 30mm x 53mm, self-adhesive label.
 Günter Mair catalogue: USA-A-31  

Printed on bolder typeface 
Ref : Label 19B April 1997.

Size: 32mm x 65mm, self-adhesive label.
 Günter Mair catalogue: USA-A-32 

 Reference: Label 19-B. January 2002

Size: 23mm x 43mm, self-adhesive.
Günter Mair catalogue: USA-A-?